Printable Advent Cards

I am so excited to share my latest creation!! It’s been a two year (sporadic) process getting it just right, but it’s ready!

I have assembled a pack of 25 Advent cards to use in December as we prepare for Christ’s birth. The cards emphasize Jesus’ names, his life and purpose, and of course the story of the nativity.


The cards are perfect for all ages, especially for children. The verses are simple, the themes easy to understand. I use the cards in conjunction with tiny props as an object lesson.

I tuck the tiny props into tiny envelopes and one is opened each night as we read the card.


Best of all, I want to share the cards with everyone! The printable is free! Print one for yourself and print some for your friends, neighbors, grandparents, nieces, nephews and your Sunday school kids, too! Jesus is for everyone!

Go get them here!



I printed on cardstock to make the cards last for many years, but any paper is fine because the message is the same no matter what. The cards can be bound into a small book or held together with a large brad. They can be tucked into individual envelopes to be opened daily, or the whole series strung on a garland. The options are endless. Better yet, the cards are black and white, so no color ink required.


The cards are a labor of love borne out of my desire to keep my children focused on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus as our Savior. It is my hope that they provide the same experience for all who use them.

Send a comment or message and show me how you used them!

Love in Christ,

Bad Mr. Kitty


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